Committee Duties


Grand Chapter & Grand Council

Awards - The Awards Committee has the responsibility to select a candidate to receive the respective award from those submitted by the constituent Chapters/Councils. By action taken by the Grand Chapter and the Grand Council in 2004, the Awards Committee can submit their own nomination - if none is submitted by the Constituent Chapters/Councils.

Bylaws - The Bylaws Committee receives all requested changes to Constituent Chapter/Council Bylaws from the Grand Secretary/Recorder as received from the Constituent Secretary/Recorder. It is the duty of this committee to determine if the requested Bylaws change violates the Grand Constitution and report those findings to the Grand Chapter/Grand Council during Sessions, with the recommendation to pass the change or reject the change and the reason for rejection. They do NOT refer the requested changes to the Jurisprudence Committee.

Constitution Revision - (Chapter only) The duty of this Committee is to recommend and propose any amendments (in the form of a Resolution) to the Grand Chapter Constitution appropriate to maintain the integrity of the document and to keep it current with regards to accepted practices of the Grand Secretary. Because the Grand Secretary refers to the Constitution on a regular basis, it is recommended he be a member or an ex-officio member of this Committee.

Credentials - To ensure their attendance at the Grand Sessions, the Credentials Committee members should be the presiding officers of the Constituent Chapter, Council, and Commandery of the Host York Rite bodies. It is easier for local individuals to serve on this committee than for someone residing in another area of the state. Typically, the three Local Presiding Officers constitute this committee. Its duty is to obtain the list of voting members from the Grand Secretary/ Recorder, verify their attendance (via signature) and issue ballots in accordance with instructions from the Grand Secretary/Recorder. A preliminary report, indicating the number of ballots issued (to that time), will be provided when requested by the Grand Presiding Officer during the particular Grand Session. A final report indicating the number of ballots issued will be provided when requested by the Grand Presiding Officer, and this report will determine the required votes to pass legislation and to elect officers. This information will also be provided to the Teller Committee that has been appointed to count votes. (The report formats are included in the material submitted to the Credentials Committee by the Grand Secretary/Recorder.)

Distribution – Typically, three Past Grand Presiding Officers, BUT is not necessarily required. They determine which committees receive specific sections of the Grand Presiding Officer's Message for appropriate action. The Distribution Committee will receive a copy of the Grand Presiding Officer's message from the Grand Secretary/Recorder prior to the Grand Convocation/Assembly for their use in determining the distribution of the various sections of the message. If the message is not received from the Grand Secretary/Recorder, or the respective Grand Officer, they will, by necessity, write their report after the message is received. (Because the message can contain many different sections and areas of concern, there is no particular format; however, since the Committee is generally composed of Past Grand Presiding Officers, they will know what is to be included.)

Finance (Commandery - Finance & Accounts) - Because this committee audits the financial books of the Grand Secretary/Recorder and the Grand Treasurer, it is advisable to appoint individuals living in the vicinity of those officers to ease the ability of this committee to meet and perform their function. Their primary function is to audit the books of the Grand Sec\Rec and the Treasurer and, secondly, review the proposed budget for any discrepancies, which is usually prepared by the Grand Secretary/Recorder. In addition, the Finance committee is also responsible for reviewing any other financial accounts and expenditures of the Grand Body and has the authority to request any records of the Grand Body to accomplish this task. This committee needs to have individuals appointed who have a background in budgeting and fiscal matters.

Grievance - This is a Committee which should NEVER have an assignment or have any work; at least one hopes so. The duty of this committee is to resolve differences between Companions and between Chapters or Councils.

Jurisprudence - The Committees on Jurisprudence shall be a standing committee and shall serve throughout the year. This three-member committee should be comprised of Past Grand Presiding Officers, with legal experience, BUT is not necessarily required. You generally want someone with experience in determining the flexibility of the guidelines under which we operate; because they will decide the constitutionality of any actions taken by the Grand Presiding Officer and will determine the constitutionality of any amendments, changes, any other action pertaining to our Constitution. (There is no particular format for this committee because of the variety of material submitted for perusal; and the members should generally well qualified to rule on most subjects.)

Masonic Youth - The Masonic Youth Committee should be comprised of three companions involved with each of the several Masonic Youth groups so they can accurately report on the youth group’s condition and any current youth group functions involving Masons and Companions. (This report is submitted in an essay format, but should include statements concerning the groups, either individually or collectively.)

Necrology - The Necrology Report is prepared and presented by the Grand Chaplin and is a comprehensive report of those who passed to the GAOTU. He receives this information from the Grand Secretary/Recorder compiled from the reports submitted from the Constituent Groups for the Constituent Groups Fiscal Year (same as Calendar Year).

Religious Reaffirmation - Religious Reaffirmation Sunday, which is generally held on the Sunday closest to October 23 (an institution of the General Grand Chapter), notification\information is sent to the Constituent Chapter Secretary by the Grand Secretary. The Constituent Chapter’s compliance with the Directive of the Grand High Priest to have a program for Religious Affirmation is sent (in the form of a letter or email denoting attendees) to the Grand Chaplin by the Constituent Chapter Secretary or Chaplain for inclusion in the Grand Chaplain's Report. The Grand Chaplain will call out any Constituent Chapter who has not responded.

New Chapters/Councils - The New Chapters/Councils Committee should be comprised of three Past Grand Presiding Officers who are familiar with the Grand Constitution and the appropriate sections needed to adequately advise the new Chapter/Council of the accepted procedure to institute.

Printing - The Grand Secretary/Recorder shall serve as Chairman of the Committee on Printing. The Grand Presiding officer may appoint himself, or, appoint another as a second member. Its duty is to determine a suitable printing facility (based on quality and budget) to print our Annual Proceedings for mailing to our Companions and other bodies. This committee will also determine the level of distribution necessary for printed copies and will ensure electronic copies are provided to all individuals either needing a copy or that have requested a copy.

Recognition of Grand Chapters/Councils - The Recognition of Grand Chapters/Councils Committees should be comprised of three Past Grand Presiding Officers who are familiar with the Nevada Grand Lodge system of determining the legitimacy of Lodges. The Committee is allowed some discretion for contacting other Jurisdictions, including General Grand Chapter/Council. They receive information from the Grand Secretary/Recorder as he receives any request for recognition.

Returns - The Returns Committee verifies the correctness of the report for the Proceedings as presented by the Grand Secretary/Recorder for printing; and to verify the correctness of the annual reports as submitted by the Constituent Chapters/Councils. Their report shall include any errors - including any under or over payments. (The errors noted by the Returns Committee will be forwarded to the respective Chapter/Council for their corrective action and return.)

Ritual - The Ritual Committee should be chaired by the Grand Lecturer (because he is the most knowledgeable concerning the Ritual). (See GL Duties) Other members on the committee should also be knowledgeable on the Ritual and able to accomplish any research necessary to answer any ritual questions. Some Grand Lecturers have found it advantageous to appoint Grand Deputies to Constituent Groups.

Roster - This committee is not listed in the Constitution, and, is not regularly appointed. The Roster Committee is composed of the Grand Secretary/Recorder and the Secretary/Recorder of the Constituent Chapters/Councils for the year the respective Grand Body must print the membership list. By the Constitution, the Membership list of the Constituent Chapters and Councils are to be published every three years; allowing for the Grand Chapter to publish its membership list in the Proceedings one year; the Grand Council to publish its membership list in the Proceedings one year; and the Grand Commandery to publish its membership list in the Proceedings one year.

Time and Place (York Rite Coordination) - The Grand Chapter Constitution, Article 11, Section 2.230 (2) states: The Committee on Time and Place, shall consist of the Grand King; and shall work with the corresponding committees of the Grand Council, Cryptic Masons of Nevada, and the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Nevada, on all matters pertaining to Time and Place.

The Grand Council Constitution, Article 2, Section 2.220 (2) states: The committee on Time & Place shall consist of the Deputy Grand Master. This committee shall work with the corresponding committees of the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Nevada; and the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Nevada on all things pertaining to Time and Place.

By the Constitution, it is only necessary to appoint one designated member. If you desire to appoint three, they should be the individuals in the respective offices of the other two (2) Grand Bodies.

The location and time for next year will be reported prior to the close of each Grand Convocation/Assembly by the Time and Place Committee.

Unfinished Business - This committee has the responsibility to conduct any actions requiring corrections to actions not completed at the last Grand Convocation/Assembly; or which need corrective action; information is obtained from the Grand Secretary/Recorder.