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Central Auditory Processing Disorders

What is Royal Arch Research Assistance?

Since its concept in 1974, Royal Arch Research Assistance (R.A.R.A) has been the world's leading philanthropy dedicated to helping children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders.


A central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) is a condition in which one has difficulty processing or interpreting auditory information when in less than optimal listening environment. Individuals with CAPD typically have normal hearing acuity but are unable to efficiently process or interpret speech when in a minimally-noisy environment. The majority of children and adults that we test at the Center for Central Auditory Research at Colorado State University can hear soft sounds but are unable to understand or process verbal information in an efficient manner in their daily lives. They often report that they are confused or become flustered in busy listening environments. Settings such as a classroom environment, the work place, and social gatherings are often very difficult for them because of confusing verbal stimuli.

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