Nevada Cryptic Council

The Grand Council Cryptic Masons 

of the State of Nevada

Welcomes you

M.I. Stephen V. Robison, Jr.

 Grand Master of the State of Nevada

 2023 - 2024

Friends, Brothers, and Companions,

 Welcome to the Cryptic Council's website for Cryptic Masons for the State of Nevada.  Cryptic Masonry has been a part of the State of Nevada since 1907.  Nevada Council No. 1 was granted dispensation to open in Goldfield, Nevada on June 1st, 1907 and received its charter on September 10th, 1912.  (It was later consolidated with with the Reno 4 Council on June 11th, 1947.)   We now have 5 Cryptic Councils in the State of Nevada (see Local Councils for a listing).

 Cryptic Masonry is an integral part of the York Rite branch of Freemasonry and can only be joined after completeing the "Blue Lodge" of Freemasonry and becoming a Master Mason.  York Rite includes the three major areas of:

 The basic description of the Cryptic Council Degrees are found on the CM Degrees page.  For further information on Cryptic Masonry in the State of Nevada, please contact us via the Contacts Page, see the About Us Page, or contact a Local Council.

 We look forward to your interest in Cryptic Masonry and hope that you will be contacting us soon to learn of how you can be a part of the York Rite of Freemasonry in the State of Nevada.