Requirements to join the York Rite fraternity

Not everyone can be (or should be) a York Rite Mason. While it is an individual decision, it certainly should be the goal of every Master Mason to become a York Rite Mason and to learn the valuable lessons in each of the Degrees and Orders. To become a York Rite Mason you must:

1. Be a Master Mason (completed all 3 of the Blue Lodge Degrees)

2. You must be 18 years old or older (Master Mason Requirement also)

3. You must submit a petition to join the York Rite (countersigned by two York Rite members)

4. Your petition to join must be voted on and accepted by the fraternity

5. You must complete the degrees in the proper order - starting with the Royal Arch series

6. To complete the last two Knight Templar series of Orders, you must be a Christian and profess your belief in the Christian faith

7. You must be of good moral character and have a strong desire (willingness) to help others

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