York Rite Nevada

Strategic Planning

Grand York Rite Strategic Planning:

The initial Strategic Planning Team for Grand York Rite consisted of the following members: Alan B. Power (Moderator), Thomas Hultin, Ted P. Bendure, Mark A. Marsh, Craig Phillips, Kevin McCanns, A. Paul Pabon.

The idea was to conduct Strategic Planning for the Grand York Rite of Nevada by:

1. Familiarizing ourselves with the Strategic Planning method,

2. Determining our Values, Mission, and Vision,

3. Discussing and organizing our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats,

4. Creating a List of Problems to be attacked (from our SWOT discussions),

5. Outlining an effective format to address those problems (Problem Methodology), and document the resolution of problems addressed in the "Work" section.

The Plan from here:

It is not the work of the Strategic Planning Committee to solve all of the problems facing Nevada Grand York Rite. The Planning Committee's task was to compile and organize the problems for the officers of Nevada Grand York Rite to work on and resolve. The Planning Committee's work in compiling the list is done. Now, the Grand Officers of York Rite must step forward and begin to solve these problems and report their findings back to our members.

The Strategic Planning Committee recommends that our "List of Problems" be resolved in the following manner:

1. Each year, the head of the body, will ensure that the "second-in-command" in each body, select 3 to 7 problems from the List of Problems to work on. The second-in-command will appoint committee members and assign to those committees the problem(s) they are to work on. He would choose the team or committee to address the problem and instruct them to use the Problem Methodology format to address the problem and then the committee chairman would report back the results at the Tonopah meeting or at the next Grand Sessions Meeting. The results could simply be a "Plan of Action" and how it is to be implemented or it could consist of more - including a possible Resolution to the Constitution.

The committee appointed would consist of a Leader\Moderator and 3 to 5 other members. The members should consist of a diverse group of individuals somewhat knowledgeable in the area of the topic selected. They should not all agree on a solution or you will get a biased response. The members should be chosen based on the idea that they "don't agree" so that all possible options will be considered.

2. Next, instruct each member that no opinions are to be presented to the others. If someone starts expressing or presenting their opinion, they should be told to stop - as no one is interested in opinions. Only facts, based on quantifiable research, are to be presented to the group. In the end, that is what the group's consensus and recommendation for an action plan should be based on. (Remember - just the facts.) Take your opinions elsewhere because they are not needed or wanted. No preconceptions should ever be discussed by the group unless it is to lay a foundation that preconceptions exist. The specific preconception, however, need not be discussed as it will result in "tainting" the results i.e. keep your opinions to yourself.

3. The Moderator\Leader will discuss the problem with the group and assign research tasks to members of the group to bring back to the group and report. Then, they will follow the Problem Methodology form below to completion so that the action plan recommended is based on research and facts only.

4. The chairman of each of those committees will make a presentation of their progress at the annual Tonopah meeting. Also at this meeting will be any discussion and the formulation of future resolutions that will be presented for voting at Grand Sessions. This points out, yet again, the importance of the Tonopah meeting. It is also suggested that the digest of the Tonopah meeting, with any decisions made by that body, be promulgated to all York Rite members in Nevada and posted on the website for all to review.

The "List of Problems" is found on the "Strat Plan" page under item No. 4.

Item No. 5 is a Problem Methodology worksheet to be used as a guide when working on these problems.

Further, it is recommended that each and every member of York Rite, whether an officer or not, review the information on this page to be more fully aware of the issues that Nevada Grand York Rite is facing. It is your right (perhaps, your duty) to insist that your Grand Officers institute a systemic methodology to begin to resolve these issues. And, as many of these problems are also found at local constituent levels, it is hoped that this list may prompt action at a local level also.

If your elected Grand Leaders do not address these problems (mentioned in 4 above and shown in 4 below) each year, and clearly state which problems they are addressing, you have the right, duty, and obligation to ask why they are not. Please be forthright and direct in asking and insisting that the problems that we all are facing be addressed and resolved by our Grand Leaders. Holding your Leaders accountable is up to you. If you do not do it, no one will.