Building our Strategic Plan

This is the Strategic Planning information for Grand York Rite - Nevada. It is shown below in accordance with the numbers listed.

1 - Background - A write-up as to how Strategic Planning works.

2 - Values - Mission - Vision - States what our Value\Beliefs are for Grand York Rite. Then, states our current Mission and our future Vision for York Rite - Nevada

3 - SWOT Analysis - Shows our final analysis, by the team, of our Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T) - SWOT

4 - List of Problems - Consolidated from SWOT, this is the List of Problems that our organization needs to work to resolve.

5 - Problem Methodology Worksheet - A sheet that provides a framework for addressing the individual problems on the List of Problems (identified in 4).

6 - Completed Problem Methodology Worksheets - Completed Worksheets with Problem, Research, Recommendations, Action Plan, and Follow-up. Used to update our List of Problems.

7 - Work Background/Information - Information on any work done on any of the Problems - for reference and further use.

8 - Information - General Information posted for review by all.

Also, for reference, please see the Strategic Plan work done by Carson Lodge at

1. Background Information

2. Values Mission-Vision Work

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Our List of Problems/Updates

5. Problem Methodology Worksheet - Form

6. Completed Problem Methodology Worksheets

7. Work Background\Information

8. General Information for Review