York Rite Nevada


Our Values and Beliefs:

—We believe the lessons and values taught in the York Rite Degrees and Orders are important enough to share with others

  • That we should educate others
  • In continued spiritual growth

—We believe in providing a structure and framework for York Rite in Nevada

—We believe each local body is a unique member within the greater Nevada York Rite

—We believe in supporting and leading the local bodies

We believe in the conformity of York Rite ritual in Nevada

Our Mission:

—Our Mission is to promote & advance Nevada York Rite education and enlightenment through the Standardization of York Rite ritual work. Also, to support our local York Rite bodies through effective leadership and guidance. To promote York Rite fellowship across the State and beyond while supporting nationally recognized Grand York Rite charitable endeavors.

Our Vision:

—To secure the viability of Nevada Grand York Rite into the future through:

  • Growth, retention and active participation of its membership
  • Educate and train our members to be future leaders
  • Promote broader communications throughout York Rite
  • Create a broader public and masonic awareness of York Rite
  • Encourage all Masons to discover the origins of Masonry through York Rite
  • Develop a York Rite ritual and education repository that is available to all York Rite bodies
  • Provide York Rite opportunities within the reach of every masonic community
  • Ensure the long term financial stability of York Rite
  • Support and promote our charities