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The York Rite Masons
of the 
State of Nevada

Welcome you

The Grand Presiding Officers of the three York Rite Bodies for the State of Nevada extend their welcome to all visitors to this website. If you are a York Rite Mason, thank you for dropping in. We hope you enjoy the website. If you are not a York Rite Mason, we encourage you to browse our site and consider becoming a York Rite Mason. Just like the Marines - we a looking for a "few good men" (to make them better men).

The York Rite consists of a series of Degrees and Orders as described below.  York Rite actually begins with the Blue Lodge Degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason).  But, one is not considered to be a "York Rite Mason" until he has taken the Royal Arch series of degrees, following through with the Cryptic Mason degrees, and culminating or completing with the Templar Orders.  When you complete the York Rite series of "degrees" you become a Companion and a Sir Knight.  

The series of Royal Arch Degrees is displayed on the left hand side of the chart on the right hand side of this page.  They are:
  • The Mark Master
  • The Past Master (Virtual)
  • The Most Excellent Master
  • The Royal Arch
The Royal Arch Degrees are a direct continuation of the "Blue Lodge" degrees and answer many of the questions left open from the Blue Lodge.  The true Blue Lodge education (Entered Apprentice through Master Mason) is incomplete without the Royal Arch series of degrees to put the teachings of the Blue Lodge in their proper perspective.  That is why when the two groups of Masons in England (The Antients and the Moderns) joined in the 1700's, they specified that to become a Master Mason one had to take three degrees - including the Holy Royal Arch.  This strongly hints that every Master Mason should complete the Royal Arch series of Degrees, at a minimum.  After completing the Royal Arch degrees, one is welcomed as a Companion of the Conclave or Royal Arch Chapter. 

The Cryptic Mason Degrees are not in a continuing line of history from the Royal Arch series of degrees.  Instead, they return to an earlier time to examine some points that we may have missed.  But, they do build upon all that has come before and present the masonic brother with different lessons that make the degrees valuable in their own right and, for their own reasons.  They again address the spiritual lessons that are so key to understanding the points taught in our fraternity.  The Cryptic series of degrees consist of:
  • The Royal Master
  • The Select Master
  • The Super Excellent Master (an additional degree that is sometimes available and not a requirement to be a Cryptic Mason but further expands the lessons taught in Cryptic Masonry)
Cryptic Masons are Companions and they belong to a Cryptic Masons Council.

The Knight Templar Orders are a Christian series (of "degrees") that makes a masonic brother a member of the Order of the Red Cross, a Knight of Malta and the Mediterranean Pass, and a Knight Templar.  (Among other titles that are included in the process)

The Orders consist of:
  • The Order of the Red Cross
  • The Order of Malta and the Mediterranean Pass
  • The Order of Knights Templar
 The last two Orders require a commitment to the Christian faith and should not be undertaken by other than Christians.  The Knights Templar Order is the culmination or capstone of the regular York Rite "degrees" and once completed, a masonic brother is advanced to the rank of "Sir Knight" or Knight Templar.  Part of the training process, in being educated in the Orders, addresses part of the history of the Knights Templar Order.  It also addresses the Knights Templar during the time of the Crusades, and their historical journey through the ages, while providing a rich historical backdrop for the conferring of these Orders. The Orders challenge the candidate to reaffirm his belief in the Christian faith.  Upon completion of this series of Orders, the candidate is dubbed a Christian Knight - a Knight Templar.

Dates for upcoming events will be found on the Calendar page. Information for upcoming events and registration forms will be found on the Announcement page.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Most Excellent Companion Jon Kent Shambaugh, Grand High Priest of Nevada 1983 - 1984.

2020 Grand York Rite Sessions will be held in Las Vegas, NV on June 7th, 8th, and 9th. The location and further details are forthcoming.

A Quick Explanation for York Rite

The York Rite of Masonry is intimately linked to the structure of Freemasonry which is displayed in the chart below.

Double-click the chart to view separately

A Little Bit about the Chart above

Freemasonry (and the York Rite) begins with the three "Blue Lodge" degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason) that are depicted on the bottom of this chart and progresses upwards with the York Rite structure on the left and the Scottish Rite structure on the right of the chart. 

There are two major masonic paths or options on this chart available to a Master Mason for further opportunity or growth after becoming a Master Mason: 
  • the York Rite Path or 
  • the Scottish Rite Path
Both paths offer further opportunities for spiritual learning and growth, but, the York Rite Path is the natural progression from "the Blue Lodge" and explains the things that were conspicuously absent from the lessons found in the Blue Lodge (the Blue Lodge degrees are actually a part of the York Rite series in the United States). 

The York Rite does specifically require a member to be a Christian to proceed through the "higher degrees" or Orders of this path (the last two Orders of the Templar series). 

The Scottish Rite does not require a belief in the Christian religion and may be a viable option for non-Christians. It consists of a total of 33 degrees (including the 3 base Masonic degrees and an honorary, invitation only 33rd degree). After finishing the normal set of Scottish Rite degrees, one would be considered a 32nd degree Mason.

The York Rite consists of 9 additional "regular degrees" (and one optional degree), plus the 3 Blue Lodge degrees - for a total of 12.  A short description of the "degrees" for York Rite are  on the left hand side of this page and are further explained on the individual pages for Royal Arch, Cryptic Masons, and Knights Templar

Further "York Rite degrees" are available beyond the "regular York Rite degrees", but are usually available as "honorary" or "by invitation only" degrees.  Please visit the "About Us" page for contact information for becoming a part of the Nevada York Rite.

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