Grand Master's Edict No. 6 - 17 August 2020

Post date: Aug 19, 2020 7:49:30 PM

DATE: August 17, 2020

TO: All Masons in Nevada

EDICT NO. 6 — COV1D-19 (Coronavirus)


In response to our Governor's Emergency-Directive 029 and the Aug 3, 2020 "Road to Recovery: Moving to a New Normal" whereby our State guidance will shift from statewide to county by county restrictions, I am issuing Edict No. 6. To the extent this Edict No. 6 conflicts with earlier Edicts, Edict No. 6 shall prevail.

Lodge Masters may conduct Stated Meetings and Called Communications providing they carefully follow their current county restrictions, document the compliance in the Lodge meeting minutes, require all attendees to properly wear face coverings at all times with no exceptions, practice social distancing, and disinfect all surfaces and objects between use.

Due to the infectious nature of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the continued high rate of infections and the average age of our members Lodge Masters are encouraged to cancel activities for the safety of their members at the Masters' discretion. Canceled Stated Meetings due to Edicts 2-6 will not be considered a recess under NMC 4.230. Secretaries should file monthly reports with the Grand Secretary even if your Lodge has not met. Members, including Lodge Officers, may not be penalized for failing to attend Lodge or other Masonic events due to concerns over their health or the health of others.

All September Grand Lodge events (GMOVs, NMLC etc.) are hereby canceled until further notice. The nature of Grand Lodge events is to gather Masons from throughout the state to increase attendance and fellowship. Under this most recent guidance we do not want to be responsible for drawing members from differing risk levels together.

Thank you all for keeping to our principles during these trying times.


Louis J. Castle II David O. Martinez, PGM

Grand Master Grand Secretary

Above all, please be extra cautious in all your actions for our members and for their families. Remember this virus often has no symptoms, so it is best to presume everyone, including yourself is contagious.