Grand Master's Edict No. 4

17 Feb 2022

Grand Master's Edict No. 4

To the Brethren of the Grand Lodge F. & A. M. of Nevada:

Edict No. 4-2022


Since issuing Edict 3-2022, on a daily basis I have been reviewing the positive test rates and hospitalization rates related to Covid-19 as well as the wastewater monitoring numbers. It appears all those numbers are declining. When you consider the drop in numbers, the ample supply of vaccines and the monoclonal antibodies that have been distributed throughout the state we appear to be in much better shape than just a short time ago.

Considering Governor Sisolak's recent Directive #052 and the above-mentioned decline in numbers, Edict 3-2022 will terminate on February 28, 2022. Recognizing that each Lodge is different, prior to March 1, 2022, the Master of each Lodge is to determine what health and safety protocols are to be put in place within his Lodge.

Keep in mind that we are not out of the woods with this illness. It is likely that we will just have to learn to live with the virus much as we do the annual flu and the common cold. It is up to each member to use common sense about their health; if you do not feel well or are running a temperature, for the safety of all our Brothers, stay home.


Michael R. Giles, Grand Master