GM's Message

To the State of Nevada Free and Accepted Masons,

Greeting my Brothers and Happy New Year! If you had asked me back in March of 2020 how long this pandemic was going to last, I would have sadly said July, thinking four months was going to feel like a lifetime, but cautiously optimistic that we all could get over this small hurdle. How wrong I was.

Little did I know that this horrible situation would be lasting into 2021, or that we would find ourselves in this place and time of hardship and uncertainty. Now that we are approaching one year of having to deal with this disaster, I can only say that I am as anxious to get back to Masonic work as anyone, and we will have a lot of work to do.

I longingly look at pictures from around the country of Mason’s who are meeting, installations that are happening, and all the events taking place that we all used to enjoy, and I wish that our situation in Nevada was different. Brothers, we will get there and when we do it will be because of our resolve and diligence. You all have my gratitude for your patience thus far, and I believe we are closer to the end of this than the beginning.

I am optimistic that Nevada Masons will be able to join in the fun one day soon. My request to you my Brothers is to continue being patient as you have been and know that Masonry will be there for all of us when the time is right, and that I pray all of us are there for Masonry when that time comes.

The information coming from our Governor regarding Covid in the State of Nevada indicates that the surge predicted from the holidays is in fact a reality, and the situation for Nevada is being looked at daily with the Governor’s next milestone being near February 10th, 2021. I continue to use the resource from John Hopkins University at this link, I like their information because it shows global, U.S. and state data daily.

While we all wait for positive news from our State regarding cases and vaccinations, we can all continue to reach out to our Brothers to see how they are doing, and to give each other a boost at this time when we all need it.

I welcome your correspondence through the Grand Secretary’s office, please continue to send e mail to, this is the best way for the Grand Lodge to document correspondence. Any Brother who does not already have my personal cell phone number or e-mail address can get that information with a simple request to the Grand Secretary.


Rick Graver – Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons in the State of Nevada 2020-2021