Dispensation for Monthly Meetings from the MIGM

Post date: Apr 28, 2020 7:40:42 PM

Dispensation for Monthly Meetings

April 27, 2020


As we continue to follow the governor’s directive, our Councils have not been able to meet regularly the past two months.

Section 4.120(1) of the Grand Council Constitution states:

1. Each Council shall have a stated assembly at least once each month, provided that any Council may recess for not more than three stated assemblies during the calendar year, for the transaction of regular business.

Furthermore, sub-section 5 states:

5. (a) In any three month period, a Council’s stated assembly must be opened in ritualistic form at least once…

I am waiving Section 4.120, sub-sections 1 and 5 of the Grand Council Constitution requiring monthly stated Assemblies until such time as appropriate.

I encourage each Council to have additional online social meetings just to keep in touch with each other. Thank you all for helping to keep York Rite alive during this situation.

Craig Phillips

Most Illustrious Grand Master