Dispensation for Delayed Elections from the MIGM

Post date: Apr 28, 2020 7:36:35 PM

Dispensation for Delayed Elections

April 27, 2020


Even as we continue to practice social distancing and keeping ourselves safe, we must continue to be York Rite Masons.

The Grand Master has issued EDICT NO. 3 – COVID-19 that while the Governor’s Directive is in place, all Masonic meetings or gatherings remain suspended. As the Governor’s directive currently ends on April 30, it is possible that we could have meetings in May. If the Governor extends his directive, then we must follow his directive. The Grand Master’s edict strongly advises all Masters to cancel all Masonic meetings in the month of May.

Section 5.010 of the Grand Council Constitution states:

1. “The Illustrious Master, Deputy Master, Principal Conductor of the Work, Treasurer and Recorder of each Council shall be elected annually at the Stated Assembly in the month of May.”

2. A Trustee shall also be elected at the same time and in a like manner to serve for a period of three years, provided that:

a. The By-Laws of the Council provide for the election of trustees.

3. A majority of the votes of the members present is necessary to elect.

With the probability that there will be no meetings in May, the reality of not being able to hold elections in May is a real possibility.

Section 5.020 allows for a dispensation to be granted to hold elections out of time, but requires an application from each Council, voted on at a stated Assembly and the elections would have to be at a subsequent Assembly after the dispensation is granted.

To simplify this process, I am waiving Section 5.010, sub-section 1 where elections must be held in the month of May. Furthermore, I am granting dispensation to each of the local Councils, authorizing delayed elections, and to hold them when appropriate.

I encourage each Council to have additional online social meetings just to keep in touch with each other. Thank you all for helping to keep York Rite alive during this situation.

Craig Phillips

Most Illustrious Grand Master