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Our List of Problems

Problems Listing (D,T,R,P)

Outside Competition

·         How do we compete with other Fraternal\Service Clubs (Outside competition) (T) (D3, T3, R1, P5)

o   Many alternate opportunities (Lions, Elks, Rotary, etc.)

§  Low requirements to join

o   We are not effectively competing with our competitors in the market place

§  Competition from other groups

·         What are we are offering compared to others?

·         Business associations are not encouraged – networking

·         Modern relevance

o   Not necessarily there

o   Little Family involvement

o   No Leverage to get ahead in business

o   Spiritual growth – competition – with Church

o   Leadership training – not fully using

·         How do we deal with too much competition for time and attention on a daily basis (T) (D3, T3, R1, P5)

o   The pace of modern society

§  Facebook, video games, TV, computers, etc.

o   Too much stimulus or input in general

Costs for Membership

·         How do we deal with the costs associated with individual membership (T) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   Maintenance costs to stay in (jackets, hats, uniform, swords, dues, dinners, etc.)

o   Can drive members away

o   What does candidate get for his money? (W)

§  Not uniform across the State – is there a standard packet of information?

Financial issues

·         How does Grand York Rite deal with costs associated with group operations and support, i.e. fixed and variable costs (External costs by other organizations) (T) (D2, T3, R4, P1)

·         Why is there insufficient funding available (or known of) to carry out a progressive program (W) (D2, T2, R4, P2)

o   Need money to buy books and “advertising” for York Rite

o   Where coming from? How much is available?

o   Where are investments shown and how used? What is criteria? What is ultimate purpose for investments? What are we trying to achieve?

·         We are faced with aging buildings \ meeting places. What do we do? (W) (D2, T3, R4, P3)

o   Costs to maintain

o   Costs to relocate

·         How do we offset\fix the loss of funding from shrinking Dues income (T) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Aging membership that is dying off and not replaced

o   People leaving or not attending and supporting

·         How do we fix the life membership lack of return on investment problem? (T) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Per capita costs continue to rise (affects constituent bodies)

o   Minimal to no effort to build principal in the fund

o   Locked in rates with no escalation = bad planning

o   The return from many life member’s “legacy” does not cover the cost of per capita to Grand York Rite

o   Life membership program needs to be addressed and resolved

§  Existing program needs to be changed or discontinued

o   Presentation of solution at Tonopah

o   Resolution written, submitted and failed

  • Subsequent Tonopah meeting resolved to leave Life memberships up to each constituent group

·         How do we plan for raising fees\Per Capita? (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   What factors should be used in evaluating?

o   Who does that evaluation and how presented?

o   Should there be a plan in place so that fees don’t have to be raised?

·         How do we offset the Cost of awards (W) (D2, T2, R3, P2)

o   Where is that factored in? Where is it shown?

·         How do we pay for the cost of “Pasts” aprons \ medals (W) (D2, T1, R3, P2)

o   Grand and Constituent issues

o   Where coming from or not given

o   In annual Grand Budget \ Constituents to give?

·         The whole Per Capita problem (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Is raised “as we need it”

o   Instead of having a planned approach

o   Or, if managed successfully – no need to raise – offset by investments

·         There is a lack of awareness of constituent groups financial viability by the Grand Bodies (W) (D2, T3, R1, P3)

o   Grand bodies may not be aware of a problem until “hit” with it

o   What info is provided and how reviewed\audited? By whom?

·         There is a lack of financial awareness in the constituent groups (W) (D3, T3, R4, P1)

o   Checks and balances limited

§  Due to non-common software

§  No analysis taking place

§  “Rubber stamping” annual finance reports

§  Limited trained knowledgeable accounting people

§  Financial fraud potential is there

o   Problems have occurred before

        • How do we preclude?

·         There is a lack of good financial reporting (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Lack of sufficient funding

o   No established budgeting process

o   Need common accounting categories to be used by all for quick analysis of financial data across the fraternity

o   Need for common software

  • Decide on one software (Quicken) and make it the standard
  • Files could then be interchanged or "passed on"
  • Integrate a need for back up of financial data against loss

·         Financial data is not available on time to do a proper financial audit (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   Fiscal year periods need to be changed

§  A change financial accounting year was done

·         But no process or procedure written to confirm

·         No follow-up letter (Grand FY changed to end of March)

§  People reporting need to be held accountable for providing their input

§  Treasurer\Sec\Rec needs to submit on-time

§  Resolution written and submitted

Resolution passed to specify fiscal year

Reporting dates and reports need to be further defined in another resolution for each body

·         A financial analysis of our data is not performed (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Where is the analysis for cost of operations for every year for use in planning?

o   Analysis of trends not happening

o   Increasing Costs of Operations are not being reviewed and planned for

o   Financial action is rarely implemented – no follow-up

o   There is no financial preparation for catastrophic events, i.e. no “contingency” fund (relates to COOP planning)

·         We have the opportunity to develop good investing practices (O) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   With positive return on investment

o   Needs committee monitoring or guiding investments

o   Move recently made to establish such a group

o   Could offset need to raise Per Capita

o   Investing Committee established

o   Investing Policy established and approved

Vanguard investing accounts established

Investing Committee appointed

Investing policy on-line for review

Reports periodically sent to Treasurer and Heads of Bodies

Results published annually in the Proceedings

·         Provide a Quicken\financial workshop for Treasurers \ all members (O) (D1, T2, R4, P1)

    • Unify financial categories across groups
    • Teach to provide quarterly and annual report
  • Teach all York Rite groups how to conduct fundraising opportunities for charities (O) (D3, T3, R1, P3)

o   Little to no fund raising for Charity support (why not?)

o   Encourage, at least, an annual fundraiser

    • Creates awareness of us and our good deeds within our community
      • Free advertising
      • When you stop giving to your community they stop giving to you
      • How do you make your community aware?

·         We do not have a comprehensive corporate strategy for finances (T) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   This needs to be analyzed and direct intervention before collapse

o   Use successful policies in other groups or develop new

o   Write an SOP and follow it

·         Grand York Rite and Constituent groups insurance coverage is uncertain (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Are not adequately covered by liability insurance

o   Paraphernalia insurance adequate?

o   When was the last insurance audit conducted?

Membership Issues

·         There is a general loss of membership (T) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Due to sickness and death

o   Other reasons for loss (Demit, Moving, Withdrawal)

o   Can we adapt?

§  Should we lower our standards to get more members?

§  Loss of expertise due to aging \ shrinking membership

·         Are we allowing members in to York Rite that may not necessarily be suited for York Rite (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   Don’t have sufficient money or resources to be a good York Rite member

o   They don’t have the time to devote to York Rite

o   Otherwise unsuitable for York Rite

  • Review of screening process for addmission

·         Does York Rite need to conduct York Rite investigations (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   Do we need background investigations? (O)

§  (and stand on our own)

§  Or, defer to GL Blue Lodge?

§  Due to improper screening and assuming that everyone who is a Mason is “OK”

·         Some Masons may be unsuitable for York Rite

·         Need to be screened before acceptance (see below)

·         We need to provide a better explanation of what York Rite is before joining (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   We should explain the extent of the commitment (i.e. time, responsibility, product expected)

o   How do we make this occur at a local level?

·         We need to determine what prospective member’s expectations are from York Rite (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   Not maintaining the member’s interest

o   Not meeting their expectations

o   Not knowing what their expectations are

o   Many members do not fully understand what York Rite is all about and the time and money commitment

·         There is insufficient Family Involvement (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Family needs to be a part of York Rite whenever possible

o   We don’t do enough family events

o   Don’t do RA Widow’s Degree

o   Where does family and job fit in?

§  Makes family unhappy

§  Makes member unhappy\stressed

§  Pressure from family causes member to not attend events

§  Fraternity concept could be questioned

·         We are not utilizing a member’s time effectively in all instances (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Grand – meeting format and content

o   Local - meeting format and content

o   Local - number of meetings

o   Local education not occurring

o   Local – do only the essential business (then a program?)

§  By-Laws revision may be needed

·         We have some members that are simply “title hunters” (W) (D3, T3, R1, P3)

o   Not performing the actual job effectively due to:

§  over commitment

§  lack of expectations

§  lack of guidance (no consequences)

§  Lack of caring – just want the title

·         Are new members being effectively utilized? (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Is it due to a lack of interest?

§  boredom

§  non-involvement

o   Inexperienced members

§  Failure by “older members” to trust

·         So do not assign tasks or roles

·         Member become apathetic and is lost

·         Are all masons equal? (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   Some think they may be more important if they get awards

o   Ego \ importance issues within the fraternity (as a problem)

o   Others, not adequately recognized for their efforts

§  Is Masonry now about (internal) recognition?

§  Masonry should never be about recognition yet within the fraternity it seems to be (introductions for example)

o   Need to explain fraternal awards\recognition to new guys so they understand what they are

§  It is not a contest – it is supposed to be about merit\contribution

·         Pride in belonging to our group is discouraged\suppressed (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   You should be proud to belong to York Rite

o   Membership pride should be readily displayed in our broader community (element of community awareness)

·         Politics that exist within the fraternity (T) (D3, T3, R1, P5)

o   Cliques \ groups

o   Bickering within the fraternity

·         There is a lack of awareness of the entire concept of the fraternity (W) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

o   (by many members of the fraternity)

o   Internal problem that needs to be rectified through education

o   Failure to educate within the Blue Lodge - within the membership

·         We are working with an all voluntary workforce that can just walk away (T) (D3, T3, R1, P5)

o   (some do – burn-out or lack of interest after degrees and orders)

o   Find out why they are walking away and rectify it

·         Burning out or over involving\over working our members (T) (D3, T3, R1, P3)

o   Over commitment is very easy

o   Once in - priority conflicts from different organizations

§  Can’t be in two places at once

o   Too many commitments for the member (masonic and otherwise)

§  How do we solve the lack of time availability?

§  Are we encouraging over commitment and ultimate failure? (W)

·         By asking them to join, join, join

·         Instead – encourage them to limit their involvement

·         Fraternity needs to be self-policing (O)

o   Not allow members to overcommit

·         Teach our members to make fewer commitments

o   How to say No

o   Nevada needs a “cultural shift” to have members try to “not do it all”

o   Consider a re-structuring of York Rite and the “meetings”

§  Spread the responsibility for tasks\offices (O)

·         Don’t just pick the “same guy” over and over until he burns out

§  Train leaders to identify individual member’s time constraints (O)

§  We are rushing many of the member’s race to success

·         Complacency \ Apathy can develop (Why?) How do we stop that? (T) (D3, T2, R1, P2)

o   Concept that someone else will be responsible

o   Lack of responsiveness and accessibility

o   Competing with ourselves for time & resources

o   Does this tie to walking away?

Procedures and Processes

·         We need to correct the conflicts between the Constitutions (W) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

Membership in Grand Bodies was first change - resolution passed

·         We do not have any Real Operations Procedures (SOPs) (W) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

o   No consolidated systems and common software (W)

o   Not using the General Grand Operations and Training Manual (O)

§  No Operations Manual or guide for new members \ sec \ rec \ treasurer

§  No real training program for new key officers

§  No written SOPs

·         No centralized data repository (electronic and/or paper) (W) (D3, T3, R4, P3)

o   No off-site back-ups of data (some no back-ups at all)

Leadership issues

·         We have a need to develop and elect good leadership (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   Instead of just the next guy in line

§  If he is not ready, don’t elect him

o   Lack of strong leaders – at all levels

o   We need to enhance our leadership expectations (O)

§  Expectations from Leaders are low to non-existent

§  Need to clearly specify what is expected

§  Current leaders don't always lead by example

§  There is a lack of Leadership training and mentoring at local level (W)

  • What leadership training are our local levels providing
  • What is their curriculum?

·         Our Grand Leadership has been inconsistent (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   Our leader’s goals for the year have not been clearly communicated (W)

o   Where are the published guidelines to work to? (W)

§  Poor guidance is provided to committees and with low to no expectations of accountability (W)

o   What are the Committee chairmen’s qualifications? (W)

§  Does the chairman know what his duties are?

§  How are they chosen? (What criteria, where written?)

o   Committee members may not work together well

§  distance being a common factor

·         We need to hold Grand Officers and others accountable (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   No evaluation process for Grand Officer’s accomplishments (W)

§  Develop a rating or ranking system (some may object)

      • No performance – no advancement
      • Should not be a “free ride”

o   Problems passed on year to year (W)

§  the next guy will deal with it (i.e. little resolution)

·         Past heads of bodies negative influence on Leadership (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   How to mitigate that influence

o   Is our current expertise based on a Senior Bureaucracy?

o   The “old guard establishment” within the fraternity that resists change problem


Leadership training problems

·         We have problems associated with inexperienced members advancing too quickly (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

o   “Catapulted to success”

o   Can cause the fraternity to look bad

o   How do we nurture and prepare them properly?

·         Inadequate training of the Treasurers \ Secretaries \ Recorders (W) (D3, T3, R1,P1)

o   Submitting IRS info on time (990N and\or other)

o   Annual Reports and Per Capita submission not timely

o   Lack of use of common software – financial and other

o   Some training provided by Grand Encampment @ SW Regional Conference

§  Grand Chapter & Council are coming on board

o   Treasurers, Sec\Rec, and Leaders sometimes elected without proper background or training and no training funded or provided for (feel your own way through philosophy)

·         Minimal Grand Officer Manuals for duties and responsibilities are available (W) (D3, T3, R3, P2)

o   This could tie into no SOPs above

·         Insufficient/inadequate educational material filtering down from General Grand Bodies (Chapter, Council, Commandery) (W) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

o   Why? Is this a communications problem or is it not available?

·         Offer Leadership training and leader mentoring as part of the constituent bodies education (O) (D2, T2, R3, P1)

    • Require reading and understanding by leaders (O)
      • Nevada Grand Constitution (s)
      • Require a familiarization of Grand Encampment Constitution for Commandery (certain sections reviewed)
    • Require reading \ annual review of their By-Laws (O)
      • Update when required
      • Analyze By-Laws of other York Rite bodies for ideas
  • Leadership principles need to be unified throughout the State (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)
    • Get rid of concept of automatic progression through the line
    • Offer experienced people to fill in where the incumbent is not ready to advance vice advancing inexperienced members
      • Careful not to eliminate everyone but “select the best qualified”
  • Establish Grand R&D group to problem solve\create change (O) (D1, T2, R1, P2)
    • Possible advisory\working group formed from past heads of bodies (Advisory Board)
    • Ties into and goes with Past Grand’s negative influence on leadership

·         We have a lack of Grand Officer planning\business meetings (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   More like Tonopah?

o   Where are the Corporate business meetings?

o   (Because nothing happens at Sessions that wasn’t done before)

·         Need for methodology to spark discussion to advance ideas (O) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

o   Lack of dialogue between Grand and constituent bodies

o   Lack of follow-up

Grand Sessions Reform (W)

·         Introductions and more introductions (shorten or eliminate) (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

·         Committee reports are agreed to and recommendations are made and rarely is there implementation (nothing happens or is followed through on) (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

·         Meeting agenda management (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   Lacking in adaptability

o   Very repetitive format

o   Hard to get new ideas accomplished

o   There are restrictions to changing processes rapidly

§  Grand Encampment restrictions 

§  Voting % restrictions

·         No established method to institute change (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   Making a changes \ promulgating ideas for improvement

§  No unified way to send an idea or suggestion to the Leaders and Members

·         Other than a Resolution (Constitutional change)

§  Need for a Suggestion\Talking Point form? (O)

·         Where is this form and in what forum would it be utilized?

·         How does a Member initiate discussion on a problem?

·         Where is the upward flow of communication with an action log for tracking that is visible for all to see and monitor?

§  The Tonopah experiment (training?) (O)

·         Many do not attend or take it serious

·         Need to make it the official business meeting

§  Revised Unified Official Visits (UOVs) (O)

·         Nice to talk – things can come out of these formats

o   Where is the action or follow-up?

·         Is the communication really just downward?

·         Town Hall meetings – where is the action?

·         Awards (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   Don’t give out awards each year just because they are there

o   Awards are not given to only those who are worthy

§  Bring back the pride in receiving awards vice just giving them to anyone

Constituent Groups Support

·         We need to enhance our administrative support of Constituent groups (O) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Help with paperwork

o   Help with ritual

o   Help with training

o   Etc.

·         Subordinate grand officers need to travel and visit constituent groups (O) (D3, T2, R3, P2)

o   Begin to develop their relationships with groups

·         Leadership training sessions are needed at Constituent Group Level (W) (D3, T2, R3, P1)

o   Established training format

o   (to lay out and understand expectations)

o   Especially for local dais officers

·         Grand Bodies need to further help \ serve the constituent groups (W) (D3, T3, R1, P1)

    • Grand Bodies need more “Town Hall” events (O)
      • With action log and follow-up
      • ask constituent groups how they can help and take action
    • Help via the SW Regional Conference (O)
    • Present Workshops (O)
    • Present solutions and education (O)
    • Sharing solutions from other groups (O)
      • To Constituent groups and locally


There is a lack of continued (Masonic) Education

·         Internal & external (W) (D2, T3, P1)

·         Esoteric (W) (D2, T3, P1)

·         No repercussions if education is not provided (required) (W) (D2, T2, P1)

o   Can do a more comprehensive job of making good men better

·         Mentoring or nurturing is poor/insufficient (W) (D3, T3, P1)

o   Promise them light and do not deliver

o   Provide structured mentoring (O)

      • The assignment of a mentor - when first made a York Rite Mason

·         Create a Presentations \ Programs program (W) (D2, T2, P3)

o   We need to use good presenters (W)

§  Use our education to bolster interest in meetings (O)

§  Dispense with “business” and make the meeting about education and learning not repetitious formats (O)

    • New member involvement – presentations (O)
      • What was learned – sharing and dialogue
      • “Ignite the flame of knowledge within!” – from Mark
  • Provide education material to new members (W) (D2, T1, P1)
    • Standard books that all members need to have as soon as they become Companions and Sir Knights (O)
    • Establish standards for ritual competency \ evaluation (O)
    • Establish standards for leadership \ knowledge competency (O)
    • Continue to educate the member vice “dropping the ball” (O)
  • Make our meetings worth coming to (W) (D2, T2, P1)
    • Social involvement
    • Put them to work on tasks that need to be done
    • Better education to keep membership attention and make them come back for more
    • Give them something (O)
      • All relationships are Give and Take transactions
      • Why should they come?
      • What are we actually giving them now?
      • You stop giving and they stop coming
  • Provide investments education (O) (D2, T2, P3)
    • Investment Advisors come to make presentations
    • Investments committee consists of knowledgeable individuals
      • Use them for presentations
    • Money management education
  • Provide a Quicken workshop for Treasurers \ all members (O) (D2, T2, P1)
    • Unify financial categories across groups
      • Teach to provide quarterly and annual reports

·         Standard Nevada Ritual format not fully utilized (W) (D2, T2, P1)

o   There are still “bootleg” or older copies being used (W)

o   People are reluctant to give up their old “printed” copies with their notes on them

o   Ritual is being presented incorrectly because they are not using the latest ritual from the website and then bicker about it (W)

§  The website is the authorized source for the current version

  • Current versions are posted on-line on the website

§  Everyone needs to be aware of that at the local level

Community awareness lacking

·         Do not do an adequate job of displaying ourselves in public (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   We have little, if any, recognition within our public community

o   We make little to no effort to change that perception

o   We weakly advertise the fraternity to the general public

o   We rarely participate in

§  parades

§  charity events

§  give back to the community

o   We are so secret – even to ourselves – sometimes to our own detriment

·         Advertising for the fraternity is lacking (W) (D3, T3, R2, P2)

o   To be one, ask one - mentality – so we do not approach “good people”

o   We need more education within our own fraternity

o   What we can talk about and not talk about is not well understood

o   Advertising outside the fraternity considered taboo

o   Needs to change so our local towns and cities are aware of our good work

  • $30K made available to the Grand Lodge of Nevada to advertise for Masonry
  • Awaiting results

·         Interaction with the public\community is lacking (W) (D3, T2, R1, P2)

    • Wear something that advertises the York Rite
    • Publish Holy Land Pilgrimage selection and results
    • Advertise the Charity work we do
    • Fund raising within and without our groups \ publish the results
    • Publish information on our websites
    • March \ participate in local parades
    • Send information/articles to newspapers
    • Facebook?
    • TV?
    • Radio?
    • Visit local churches – “in costume”
      • Reaffirmation Sunday
      • KT Easter
      • what other?
    • Attend community functions in uniform
    • Carson City – Nevada Rendezvous opportunity to show ourselves
    • Promote not only our groups but Blue Lodge also – Masonry in general
    • Engage and support our community and accept recognition \ awareness for it
    • Polo shirts with York Rite on it or Knights Templar
    • Do charity work – volunteer work – wear jackets
    • Larger dedicated charity – RARA, CMMRF, KTEF, HLP, Ed Fund
    • In the community
    • At Schools
    • Food kitchens
    • Senior Centers
    • Veterans Centers
    • Etc.
  • How do we sell Masonry in our own way? (O) (D2, T3, R1, P2)
    • Better marketing and community awareness of what masonry really is – Blue and York Rite
    • Keep Blue Lodges informed concerning upcoming York Rite Degrees
    • Print and distribute York Rite Brochures
      • Not only to Blue Lodge but the broader community
    • Use local York Rite Websites
      • How many have one?
      • Help groups get one and maintain it
    • Post Newspaper articles about York Rite and York Rite charity events
    • Utilize Lodge Trestle boards for York Rite events
      • Vice using separate York Rite Trestle board
      • Promote “the Masonic family”
    • Encourage members to use more - Word of Mouth - to advertise York Rite
      • Use visitations to other States for ideas and friendship
  • Masonic distractions \ conspiracy nuts (External) (T) (D3, T3, R1, P1)
    • Is it time to set the record straight?
    • How do we do that?
    • Education of our members on how to deal with distractors


Communications are poor in all ways

·         Communications between the Grand level and subordinate groups is poor (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   Three levels in some instances (Commandery)

o   Flow both ways does not always happen

·         Partial generation gap sometimes stifles communication (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   Younger\older members sometimes excluded

o   Cliques can form

o   A need for programs that will address the disparity in age within the fraternity

o   New ideas are sometimes put down unceremoniously\unkindly

o   Some do not freely share their knowledge (general problem)

·         Communication with our local Communities\Towns\Cities is poor (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

o   sometimes none

·         Communication is hampered\compromised by distance\separation (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

·         Communications with other constituent groups is inadequate at best (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

·         Recommendations or methods of success as presented by the outgoing Heads of Bodies are rarely used or acted upon (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

·         Members are not always aware of website information and is not always used or acted upon (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

·         Publications are available and unknown to some (W) (D2, T2, R2, P1)

o   Not well advertised or promoted

·         Grand Body Inter-communications are poor (W) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

·         No standardized means of communication (W) (D1, T1, R1, P1)

o   like e-mail (change from physical letters)

o   Asking for return receipt

o   Still resorting to “snail-mail” with the time loss and expense that goes with it (why?)

§  Wasting money on paper, ink, and stamps

§  Distribution is limited and slow

Strategic Planning

·         Limited short range plans or goals (W) (D2, T3, R1, P1)

o   All based on 1 year, i.e., “my year” attitude

o   Ideas can sometimes flip\flop from year to year

§  Continuity is needed from year to year

o   Is our Grand Officer tenure too short to accomplish necessary goals?

o   We need their goals clearly defined and communicated

    • We need to ask each officer to follow the accepted Long Range Plan \ Strategic Plan

·         We need to implement strategic planning at all levels (O) (D2, T3, R?, P1)

o   State

o   Local constituent groups

o   Review all elements of Strategic Planning

o   Develop a COOP – Contingency of Operations Plan for each group (O)

§  What is being done about planning for it?

§  What is our plan?

§  What would need to happen to implement it?

·         More use of Appendant Groups (O) (D2, T3, R1, P2)

o   York Rite College

§  Is not effectively utilized for its intended purpose

§  (or capabilities known)

o   Other groups support too

No outreach and benefits \ things for members (O) (D2, T2, R1, P3)

·         Special travel discounts. Etc.

·         Special software discounts (standard software)



Some repetition in the categories below in other groups. This is a consolidation of some of the modern technology items:

There is a lack of adaption to modern technology (W)

·         We need to move into 21st century \ training (O) (D3, T3, R?, P1)

o   Advance the use of the whole electronic age and the use of technology (O)

o   Increase productivity through the use of technology

·         Lack of availability of technology (W) (D2, T3, R?, P2)

o   Cost factors?

§  Could be mitigated via group licensing

o   Technical knowledge factors

o   There is a fear of technology \ Need to understand

o   Security \ privacy fears

·         Lack of training in how to use \ knowledgeable trainers (W) (D3, T3, R1, P2)

·         Database of Grand Assets needed (W) (D2, T2, R1, P1)

o   Officers current and past - tracking of Grand aprons and jewels\medals (need to resolve methodology)

§  Need tags – Property of – return to (O)

§  Executors of the estate not made aware of need to return

·         Some Proceedings for each year missing and not distributed or posted on the website (W) (D2, T2, R3, P1)

·         PC security is inadequate - Web, Internet, physical (W) (D1, T1, R2, P1)

·         Limited ability for electronic file sharing or collaboration (W) (D2, T3, R3, P3)

·         Old paperwork is slowing destroying itself (W) (D3, T3, R2, P1)

o   pressure sensitive & other

o   No digitizing plan to preserve records

§  No historical database for reference

o   Some still use paper records vice electronic\digital

§  Paper can burn and be lost

·         No standardized pdf fillable forms – need to develop (O) (D2, T2, R2, P1)

  • Now have a Nevada standardized petition form posted on the website
  • Now have a Nevada standardized affiliation form posted on the website

·         Limited standard electronic seals or electronic\digital signatures (O) (D2, T3, R2, P2)

·         We need to develop an Awards Structure for all bodies (O) (D2, T2, R1, P2)

    • with forms and requirements posted on the website
    • Establish criteria for all awards – post it
  • Use Teleconference \ video-teleconference presentations to leverage collaboration and training opportunities (O) (D2, T1, R2, P2)
    • Now using Zoom teleconferencing for some meetings during Coronavirus Pandemic
    • There are nationwide opportunities with other bodies to interchange information electronically
  • Enhanced use of websites (O) (D2, T1, R1, P1)
    • Teach Secretary \ Recorders and members how to use them and what is there
    • Post education on line in hidden pages (O)
      • Create and use centralized electronic back-ups of data and presentations
      • Make education presentations available on-line for download and use
  • Complete use of an electronic Trestle board (O) (D2, T3, R1, P2)
    • Get rid of paper and the expense (printing and mailing)
    • Many simply throw the paper versions in the trash
    • Broader reach & better articles without cost
    • Email and\or post on website
  • Use the General Grand Bodies & Grand Encampment material available on line (O) (D1, T1, R1, P1)
    • Capitular Development Course (O)
      • Adobe Reader Version
    • Chapter Officer’s Operations and Training Manual (O)
      • Great guide - available for purchase ($25.00)
    • Emerging Leaders Course – all 3 bodies (O)
      • Get people into it or use the presentations posted on line
  • Implement a correspondence course (O)
    • Possibly use Grand Lodge (as a template)
    • York Rite Correspondence Course
      • or a course review at meetings
      • Can be courses on multiple topics or areas of concern
  • Other State’s materials posted on websites (O)
    • Seek out and post the links
    • Teach your members how to use the website and the links
    • Discuss at meetings \ possibly demonstrate
    • Use Power-point presentations and projectors
  • Establish a structure for our operations (O) (D3, T3, R1, P2)
    • By using a Grand O&T Manual (SOP) (O)

o   Create a qualifications \ training \ education \ skills base (O)

    • Create a centralized data repository\database (O)
    • Consolidate systems and use common software (O)
      • Obtain a group discount for software as a corporation
        • And for individuals
      • Standardized software solutions (so all could use)
      • Use E-mail
        • As a standard and declare it as official means of communication
        • For all correspondence
        • Develop PKI electronic signatures so emails can be official vice use of paper letters
      • Spreadsheets
      • Presentations
      • Graphics
      • Formatting guides
      • Standardized financial software
        • Standardized financial categories for easy interpretation by all
        • Standardized reporting format
        • Train Treasurer’s to use the format
    • Write SOPs for different groups and committees (O)
      • For financial management
      • For committees appointed so they will know their duties when assigned to a committee
    • Develop an ability for file sharing or collaboration with documents (O)
    • Verify that security is adequate for groups and members (O)
      • Specify security requirements for each group
      • Standardize
    • Scan\digitize old paperwork before it destroys itself (out with the old) (O)
      • Move to electronic Historical archives \ databases (O)
      • Migrate to electronic records – get rid of paper
    • Develop standard corporate seals (O)
    • Create and post standardized pdf fillable forms for all on the website (O)
      • Provide instructions for filling in the forms
        • How to obtain and work up the data
    • Create a Tech \ Admin Support group to assist Secretaries and Treasurers in their duties (O)
    • Develop a way to send an idea or suggestion upward for all to consider other than a Resolution (O)
      • Suggestion form \ idea form
      • Develop a standard format for Ritual content
        • Add ancillary documents \ Handbooks
        • Require all to use the latest posted version




·         SWOT

o   (T) – Threat

o   (W) – Weakness

o   (O) – Opportunity

·         Level of Difficulty (D)

1.       Small jobs (that can be done whenever)

2.       Medium jobs (that take research & effort)

3.       Major tasks (possibly multi-year)

·         Time to do it (T)

1.       A day or a week

2.       Several weeks \ Months

3.       A year or more

·         Resources to do it (R)

1.       Only labor

2.       Monetary (up to $500)

3.       Monetary ($500 to $2000)

4.       Monetary (Greater than $2000)

·         Priority (P)

1.       Immediate

2.       In 1 year or 2

3.       In 5 years

4.       In 10 years

5.       Maybe never \ not important