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Tonopah Meeting - 24 August 2019

posted Jul 8, 2019, 11:29 AM by Alan Power   [ updated Jul 17, 2019, 1:13 PM ]

Grand York Rite Bodies of Nevada

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Nevada
Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Nevada
Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Nevada

July 8, 2019

By Order of Most Excellent Companion James D. Phelps, Most Illustrious Companion Craig Phillips, Sir Knight Kevin McCans, Grand Commander, I communicate the following information to the Grand Officers, Chapters, Councils and Commanderies of this Jurisdiction:

The annual York Rite Workshop is scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 24, 2019 in Tonopah, Nevada. The meeting will be held in the Masonic Temple. The Workshop is scheduled to begin promptly at 9:00 A. M. There will be a break for lunch at Noon. The meeting will resume at 1:00 P. M. and should conclude no later than 4:00 P. M. This schedule should allow adequate time for travel from both north and south and a safe return home at a reasonable hour.

The Grand Officers of each of the bodies are expected to attend. If you cannot attend please let your presiding officer know in advance that you are unable to attend. A roll call will be taken and there should be no unexcused absences. The dais officers of each of the Chapters, Councils and Commanderies in this jurisdiction should attend this meeting but all Companions and Sir Knights are invited and urged to attend.

This meeting is an opportunity to express concerns, ideas, and propose changes to our York Rite to the benefit of all of us. This is a time for frank and honest discussions of the problems that confront our Rite. If you have ideas for resolutions for next year’s Grand Sessions this is an excellent sounding board to discuss your reasons and get valuable feedback from those in attendance. If you have an item for discussion that you want placed on the agenda you must email it to me no later than August 10th so I can distribute a proposed agenda prior to the Workshop.

If you feel you need overnight accommodations the usual opportunities are available:

Tonopah Station, 775-482-9777, Jim Butler Motel, 775-482-3577, Best Western, 775-482-3511, and Mizpah

Hotel, 775-482-3030.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Workshop.

Michael E. Reinhardt

Grand Secretary/Recorder

Our Current Agenda is:

1. Acquiring tax exempt status
(to save money on taxes for hotels, meals, microphones, etc.)
Report from Finance Committee about Grand Session comparing and analyzing costs.
Plan a budget for Grand Session with a complete report with all aspects thereof.
Presented by Chm Jim Byars, Steve Robison, Romy Peruel

2. Finance Committee. - continuing report related to Strategic Planning
Up to $10,000 for each YR body paid to Grand Lodge for advertising and communications.
(total of $30,000 maximum). Progress? Results? Acceptable plan?
Past Grand Master Mark Marsh to explain and give more information.

3. Finance Report
A. Life membership trustee for Royal Arch is Billy J. Barbie.
Chairman is Thomas Hultin
B. Educational investment is held by Grand Encampment. This is the scholarship fund.
Handling of this is presently in dispute and will soon be corrected.
Presented by Thomas Hultin and David Baba

4. Introductions
We left out Arch of Steel. We should have honored our distinguished out-of-town guests
and our own Past Grand Commanders. Let's take time to make this more special. The
entire process of introductions needs to be reviewed. In our haste to speed up the sessions
we are definitely leaving out important protocol and tradition.

5. Degrees and Orders. - Northern part of the State (joint venture)
Degrees need to be put on at least twice a year so as not to discourage prospective members
for having to wait so long. Let's set specific dates such as July and January so members can
plan accordingly. Colorado River Fall Festival is wonderful, but only once a year.

6. New Member Packets. - preliminary presentation
Alan Troland, Chm. John Chandler, Co-Chm.

7. Fallon. - resolving the issue of moving the charter from one location to another
Fallon, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Elko, Yerington. Move from Thursday night to Saturday
daytime meeting. Travel considerations, weather problems, carpools, etc.
Royal Arch, Cryptic Masons, Commandery - heads of the bodies

8. Resolutions: Discuss now, assign writers, meet deadlines for convenience of Grand Secretary.
deadline = 60-90 days prior to Grand Session. Present rough drafts of resolutions for
discussion and amending/changing/improving. These can then be used as "talking points"
during official visits and better understood.

9. Reports - All reports from officers and committee chairmen must be submitted by the deadline
in order to be printed in the preprinted reports which would help to shorten the business
meetings at Grand Session. Problems with present system to oversee meeting deadlines.
NOT the job of the Grand Secretary to remind everyone. Suggestion: Heads of the 3
bodies take leadership in making sure reports are submitted in time.

10. Grand Session Schedule Change
Opening session has too much to do with legislation and the related lengthy discussions.
Maybe the opening should start earlier so not to be late for Monday lunch. ??
Have the degrees on Tuesday instead of Monday. Anything to ease the Monday crunch.

11. Elected Terms for Grand Officers
Should elected officers serve for 2 year terms?
Also, should the first progressive elected office be open for anyone to "throw in their hat"?
Thus, we would have a REAL election and not just in essence a progressive appointment.
Changing the Constitution takes a 2/3 vote to pass.

12. Council Buy-in to Life Membership

We have a carryover resolution concerning increasing the amount for Life Membership in Council from 15X Dues to 20X Dues so that it will be in alignment with Chapter and Commandery.

Do we have a consensus?

 13. For Chapter and Council – One Man – One Vote

Should both Chapter and Council write a resolution to effect “one man – one vote” in both Chapter and Council?  

It currently is that way in Commandery.

The idea of “carrying votes” for others is outdated. There is no longer a reason why a dais officer cannot attend. (As in the old days.)

The idea is: that if you want a vote, you must show up to vote. Maybe our dais officers would show up to do that.

14. Life Membership Fund Action– Some years back, there was no end of complaining about not getting an adequate return from the Life Membership Fund. Considerable effort was spent in looking into the problem and coming up with alternative solutions.

o    The optimum solution was presented at Tonopah and everyone agreed it was the best (the 40X Dues solution with different investments to counter inflation). At the following Sessions it was voted down.

o    Again at Tonopah, the consensus was to suspend new Life Memberships. A resolution was presented to suspend membership. It was voted down.

o    So, what does the fraternity wish to do now? i.e. where do we go from here?

o    Can we get a consensus and carry it through to Grand Sessions? Not just agree at Tonopah and do something else at Sessions.

Alan Power,
Jul 8, 2019, 11:30 AM