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Grand Master's Edict No. 5 - 29 June 2020

posted Jul 1, 2020, 12:50 PM by Alan Power   [ updated Jul 1, 2020, 12:50 PM ]
DATE: June 29, 2020
TO: All Masons in Nevada
EDICT NO. 5 — COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


In respect of the authority of our Masters to govern their Lodges and in anticipation of our Governor's steps to begin recovery from Covid-19 by moving to Phase 3 on July 1, 2020, I am issuing this Edict No. 5.

During Phase 3, expected to begin July 1, 2020, Lodge Masters continue to have the discretion to cancel any meeting of their Lodge for the safety of its members. Cancellations of Stated Meetings due to Edicts 2-5 will not be considered a recess under NMC 4.230.

Members, including Lodge Officers, may not be penalized for failing to attend Lodge or other Masonic events due to concerns over their health or the health of others. If you cannot perform a Lodge duty, please be sure to let your Brothers know so that others may take your place where appropriate. I assure all Brothers that neither I nor any Masonic leader will feel slighted should you decide not to attend Lodge or a Masonic event.

All Brethren attending Lodge or other Masonic events should act as if every member is contagious, including themselves. I hereby Order that all members must always follow current Nevada recommended guidelines including wearing a face mask. Brethren should avoid all unnecessary physical contact, including shaking hands as a greeting. Greetings can be a slight bow and Deacons can nod to a known qualified Brother instead of collecting the pass. Degrees should otherwise follow our approved work with members and candidates taking care not to touch their face and thoroughly washing their hands at the earliest opportunity. Lodge furnishings and items used in Degrees, including candidate uniforms must be sanitized before and during each Degree for the safety of our candidates and members. Lodges should be opened on the First Degree whenever possible, including Stated Meetings, Official Visits and Called Communications, as long as the work performed can be done on that Degree.

While we are all anxious to get back to our Masonic work and fellowship please note that many Lodge By-laws designate July and August as dark months when Lodges are not permitted to hold Stated Meetings. Please also consider that any votes taken while some members are not attending for their own safety or due to social distancing limits may result in future concerns from those Brothers so avoid controversial votes when possible.

Finally, should Governor Sisolak extend Phase 2 into July, my prior Edict No. 4 will remain in effect, including the mandate to wear masks at all times, with one alteration. It is permissible to hold ballots or conduct other work providing common objects are sanitized between uses.

Thank you all for keeping to our principles during these trying times.

Louis J Castle II                     Attest: David O Martinez, PGM

Grand Master                        Grand Secretary
Alan Power,
Jul 1, 2020, 12:50 PM