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Grand Master Edict No. 3

posted Apr 22, 2020, 11:39 AM by Alan Power   [ updated Apr 22, 2020, 11:41 AM ]
DATE: April 20, 2020
TO: All Masons in Nevada
EDICT NO. 3 — COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Nevada Brothers, officers and family members are now battling Covid-19. I ask that you keep them in your prayers.
Pursuant to my EDICT No. 2, while Governor Sisolak's Directive 010 is in place, all Masonic meetings or gatherings remain suspended. Masons must follow Government guidelines after the order is lifted or reduced.
Furthermore, given our demographics, and with respect to the authority of a Master to govern their Lodge, I strongly advise all Masters to cancel all Masonic meetings in the Month of May. As many as 60% of Covid-19 contagious people show no symptoms. I'm certain none of us would want to be responsible for infecting a vulnerable Brother.
Cancellations of Stated Meetings due to this Edict will not be considered a recess under NMC 4.230. Lodges are hereby relieved of the requirements in 2020 Proclamations No. 2 and No. 3. Silver State Lodge Award requirement No. 6, are waived. Although the Silver State Masonic Youth Groups (50 pts) and Public Schools (75 pts) are impractical, the 250 points of Additional Qualifying Activities (300 if missing a mandatory act) are still required. Scholarship applications that cannot make the May 15 deadline should be held for a future award.
I thank our Lodges that have continued to have fellowship over video conferencing. I've attended quite a few already and it is great to see our Brethren practicing Masonry. These events can be used for the Silver State Lodge Award Fellowship I Fun / Public Service Activities providing they meet the other listed requirements.
Usual or budgeted bills in May such as rent, taxes, utilities and services may be paid when ordered by the Worshipful Master. Extraordinary but necessary expenses may be paid with the consent of the Master, Wardens, Secretary and Treasurer. Phone, video conferences and email are acceptable forms of communication to determine consent and must be recorded by the Secretary noting that the regular meeting was suspended per the Grand Master. Funeral services may be conducted if within current State requirements; however, I encourage postponing Masonic Services until a time where full Masonic rites can be conferred.
Should any Master choose to conduct Lodge, which I strongly advise against, I hereby order that all members must follow current Nevada recommended guidelines and at a minimum, wear face masks and avoid all unnecessary physical contact, including shaking hands as a greeting. Greetings can be a slight bow and Deacons can simply nod to a known qualified Brother instead of collecting the pass. Degrees should otherwise follow our approved work with members and candidates taking care not to touch their face and thoroughly washing their hands at the earliest opportunity. Lodge furnishings and items used in Degrees, including candidate uniforms must be cleaned before each Degree for the safety of our candidates and members.
Thank you all for keeping our principles during these trying times.

Louis J. Castle II
Grand Master
Alan Power,
Apr 22, 2020, 11:42 AM