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A Synopsis of the 67th Grand Encampment Triennial Conclave

posted Aug 26, 2018, 1:42 PM by Alan Power   [ updated Aug 26, 2018, 1:42 PM ]
Elected Grand Encampment Officers for the 68th Triennium:
  • Jeffrey N. Nelson, Most Eminent Grand Master
  • Michael Burke Johnson, Right Eminent Deputy Grand Master
  • David J. Kussman, Right Eminent Grand Generalissimo
  • Jeff Bolstad, Right Eminent Grand Captain General
  • Bobby Simmons, Right Eminent Grand Treasurer
  • Larry Tucker, Right Eminent Grand Recorder
  • Dean Rein, Right Eminent SW Department Commander(appointed)
The 68th Triennial Conclave is tentatively scheduled to be held on August 14th thru August 18th, 2021 in Minneapolis, MN. Mark your calendars.

Master Ritual: Unbeknownst to me, a Master Ritual (word for word, no single letter) has been produced in the past and one copy is supposed to be in the possession of each Grand Commandery (Grand Recorder). A standing resolution was passed at this Triennial that will allow the Grand Encampment to republish it with updates and make it available to all Sir Knights sometime after the first of the year.

Holy Land Pilgrimage: There will be two Pilgrimages scheduled in 2019, instead of the usual one. The dates are: February 4th thru February 14th and February 18th thru February 28th. As a Grand Commandery, if we have an Ordained Minister we would like to send on this trip of a lifetime, the Constituent Commandery(s) need to get the paperwork completed and submitted to the proper Committee for their review and then they forward it to Grand Encampment.

The Grand Lodge of Louisiana: An issue has arisen within the Grand Lodge of Louisiana where they have withdrawn recognition of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. They have expelled a member under their Grand Lodge and now demand that the GEKTUSA do the same for this member. The Constitution of the GEKTUSA does not allow the Grand Master such power. The Constituent Commandery must charge and try him under the grounds of not maintaining the prerequisite memberships to be a Knight Templar. This has been relayed to the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. As of this Triennial, no action was taken by the GEKTUSA. Beware, if you visit a Commandery in Louisiana, you will not be able to sit in the meeting as we are members of the GEKTUSA.


1. Templar Expansion – Passed.
2. Name Change. Drop “of the USA” – Failed. Amend to International – Failed.
3. Enter Concordat with France to possibly expand in their territory – Failed.
4. Reduce the quorum for a Commandery – Failed.
5. Allow Grand Commanderies to set quorum for Constituent Commanderies, no limit – Passed. Amend for quorum of not less than 5 – Passed.
6. Purple Cords – Withdrawn.
7. Purple Cords – Withdrawn.
8. Purple Cords – Withdrawn.
9. Allow Purple Cords to be worn by PGC – Passed. Amend to state no length requirement – Passed.
10. Minor wording change for description of Commander insignia – Passed.
11. Withdrawn.
12. Payment of mileage and per diem for G.E. Officers & Committees – Passed.

August 24, 2018


SK Kevin McCans, KTCH
R.E. Grand Comman